Hyderabad IT Firm Raid Worries Lokesh, Makes TDP Leaders Sleepless  

Hyderabad IT Firm Raids Worries Lokesh, Makes TDP Leaders Sleepless - Sakshi Post

The raid on an IT firm in Madhapur IT Grids Pvt Ltd linked to the Telugu Desam Party has sent shock-waves in political circles.

During a research carried out by a big data analyst, it emerged that the yellow party had been getting hold of voter information by using an app—Sevamitra. A huge chunk of voter data was stolen, as per the complaint filed by a Hyderabad based data analyst Thummala Lokeshwara Reddy.

Hyderabad police seized electronic equipment used by the firm. They also lodged a criminal case of conspiracy, cheating, data theft under the IT Act, for allegedly stealing official data of beneficiaries from the AP government database and using it for manipulation of polls in that state.

This sudden political development has not gone down with the Telugu Desam party. The political outfit which is already being seen as a sinking ship has now lost even the little credibility it enjoyed among its supporters.

Obviously, this bad news has come as a huge shock for TDP supremo Chandrababu Naidu and his son Nara Lokesh. In a bizarre allegation, instead of being ashamed of being caught in the act, TDP leaders are in turn accusing the opposition parties of stealing TDP voter data with the help of this raid to spoil TDP's chances in the upcoming elections.

Lokesh took to twitter to protest against the raids in Hyderabad. This is clear proof that the TDP is rattled by the developments. The Telugu Desam leaders are feeling jittery following a new expose against their party men every other day.

It's common knowledge in which direction the wind is blowing in Andhra Pradesh. It now remains to be seen what damage control measures the party will resort to now that they have lost the trust of people. The TDP leaders seem to have lost their sleep over the fading reputation of their party.

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