TDP Leaders Stage Protest Outside Chandrababu’s Residence Over Assembly Seats 

TDP Leaders Stage Protest Outside Chandrababu’s Residence Over Assembly Seats - Sakshi Post

Amaravati: Two TDP groups broke into a huge confrontation in front of Chief Minister N Chandrababu Naidu's residence in Undavalli. The TDP leaders came to blows and also suffered minor injuries in the altercation.

The incident took place at the tents which were specifically placed for the meetings being held with the leaders from the assembly constituencies of Kovvur and Nidadavolu in West Godavari district.

In this connection, the local cadre and leadership staged protests demanding assembly seats not to be given to Kovvur and Nidadavolu sitting MLA KS Jawahar, Burugupalli Shesharao.

According to the reports, MLAs and leaders from the opposite parties got into a physical altercation during the Nidadavolu constituency meeting.

Several leaders protested that TDP will be destroyed if sitting MLA Burugupalli Shesharao is given an assembly seat. The altercation resulted in several leaders sustaining injuries.

The leaders alleged that Burugupalli Shesharao indulged in corruption in the Sand Quarries and suppressed them in the villages. Party leaders observing the agitation attempted to defuse the situation but the protesting leaders continued with their agitation saying that they won't calm down until they explain all the aspects which took place at the meeting to Chandrababu Naidu.

Meanwhile, the protestors took up agitation in the Kovvur constituency right in front of KS Jawahar. The leaders warned to defeat KS Jawahar if the assembly seat is allotted to him. With supporters of Jawahar raising an objection, an altercation ensued with protestors repeating slogans against the sitting MLA. Eventually, the police blocked the protestors and sent them away.

Speaking to the media after the entire incident, KS Jawahar said that he will once again contest from Kovvur despite all the hindrances being placed in front of him. Stating that some leaders are intentionally staging protests against him, he added that there is no necessity to give attention to them.

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