Political Parties In Telugu States Stock Up Liquor Even Before Election Notification

Political Parties In Telugu States Stock Up Liquor Even Before Election Notification - Sakshi Post

East Godavari: Even before the release of the Assembly and Lok Sabha election notification schedule, the ruling party leaders are gearing up to woo voters.

Illegal transportation and stashing of liquor has become rampant in the wake of the impending Election code and prohibition of liquor rules which could impede this work. The local TDP leaders in collusion with liquor merchants are stocking alcohol clandestinely for this purpose.

According to reports Rs 139.63 Crore worth of liquor was sold in 2014 in the month of May. Out of this 3,55,599 beer cases worth Rs 33.17 Crore and 3,26,584 cases of alcohol worth Rs 106.46 Crore was sold.

In the month of April, Rs 70.25 Crore worth alcohol was sold which was almost 90% of sales in May, which dropped to Rs 54.6 Crore in the month of June. It is expected that more that Rs 400 Crore could be sold this time in 2019.

Officials say that before the election code comes into effect the liquor merchants can only buy stock as per the monthly quota, so if the quota is over by March then there is no scope for sales.

The officials also clarified that just because the sale were over in March, then April stocks cannot be released in advance which could make it difficult for the leaders to procure liquor.

Understanding this, the local leaders and merchants have already started stocking liquor, officials say. In March 2018 from Rajamahendravaram,Samarlakota and Amalapuram Depots itself more than Rs 149.7 Crores sales took place, in April Rs 150.64 Crore and in May Rs 197.65 Crore liquor sales took place.

Once the Model Code of Conduct comes into effect, sales will drastically drop and the merchants and leaders have to make hay while the sun shines only in the ending of February and March 2019, is what the officially are saying.

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