Nellore: Andhra Pradesh Chief Minister N Chandrababu Naidu's public speeches of late are turning out to be a platform to threaten people for votes. Using government related events and inauguration ceremonies to drive his political message has become a normal routine. Addressing a public meet in Nellore after the house warming ceremonies under the "House for All" scheme, where more than 250 houses were given to beneficiaries, Chandrababu said that crores of rupees was spent for developing Nellore and this time he would focus more on the district. Speaking further, Chandrababu said that for developing Nellore Town around Rs 4,474 Crore was spent and the state government was going to invest Rs. 83,000 Crore to build 31.40 houses.

Chandrababu Naidu promised to pick worthy candidates and told them that all the ten seats should go to the TDP. He warned them saying that if they don't vote for the TDP they were the ones who will be at loss.

It is quite shameful to see the Chief Minister threaten people to vote for the TDP. As if his characteristic lying and deception weren’t enough, he’s now resorting to direct threats for votes. One can’t help but wonder what the AP chief minister would resort to next, as the state comes closer to elections. Will he continue to threaten voters in a bid to cling to power? He needs to know that the people of AP can see through him and the TDP. The made up testimonials of compiled schemes perfunctorily announced and shoddily attempted to be executed weeks before the elections are a reflection of this desperate government.

Worse, it is his inconsistent stand on the SCS, that apparition called 'Amaravati' that Babu is trying to sell to the people, the luring of YSRCP MLAs as if they are mere commodities, the lies, deception, threats, the abuse of state machinery for ulterior motives, malpractices in voters' lists, and the fact that this government did nothing in the five years since it came to power, reflects the ethical bankruptcy of Chandrababu Naidu.

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