Hyderabad: Appealing to the people not to resort to the drastic step of attempting suicides for Special Category Status (SCS), YSR Congress Party has said that the Delhi dharna of Chandrababu Naidu is a mere eyewash and has strong political motives.

Speaking to media at two separate press meetings Party senior leaders YV Subba Reddy and Ummareddy Venkateswarlu said, “it is ridiculous to hold dharnas in Delhi using public money and mobilising people by misusing official machinery.

Chandrababu Niadu was part of the NDA coalition government for 4.9 years and never did he mount pressure at the Centre on any issues of public interest but had worked only to further his mercantile agenda. After he came out of the coalition, he started talking in a different tone and he has been chanting the contradictory version.

Spending public money on the Delhi dharna is highly objectionable as it is not a government affair but a Party programme, and officers being given targets to mobilise people, all expenses paid, only to show the manufactured dissent, they said.

When TDP was in coalition, he had never bothered to ask Prime Minister Narendra Modi in the 4.9 year long association and now he has been raising his voice and shouting at the top of his voice on SCS, while it was our leader YS Jagan Mohan Reddy who has been demanding SCS from the very beginning.

Chandrababu is spending government money for his Party programme at Delhi and the sincerity of the issue is always questionable going by his track report. We have seen that the state government is spending huge amounts of money towards publicity but spending money for Party programme from government ex-chequer is improper and objectionable, they said.

TDP has been deceiving Kapus once again by giving false promises and the Kapu reservation is not as simple as Chandrababu Naidu makes it sound. The quota is not in the purview of the state but it should be done by the Centre but he has been cheating the community like before, they said.

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