Minister Paritala Sunitha’s Brother Attacks Protesting DWCRA Women

TDp Minister Paritala Sunitas brothers Inset: Screen shot of Murali attacking protesters - Sakshi Post

Anantapur: The Chief Minister of Andhra Pradesh N Chandrababu Naidu is staging a new show targeting women just before the elections. Using welfare schemes and targeting women and forcing them to vote is the latest in the TDP's agenda.

He spoke about the "Pasupu Kumkama" scheme where women who are a part of Development of Women and Children in Rural Areas (DWCRA) will be given Rs 10,000 in three installments. Now using the same cheques he is resorting to blackmailing the poor women and telling them to vote for the TDP--all this through his aides and local TDP leaders. He is even making them promise to vote for them and only then would the cheques be distributed, it is learnt.

On Monday, in a Pasupu Kumkuma program in Rapthadu Anantapur, several DWCRA women were forcibly made to promise to vote for TDP and when seem of them refused to do so they were attacked and hit mercilessly. Footage telecast by Sakshi TV clearly showed Women Welfare Minister Paritala Sunita's brother Murali throwing stones at the women and protesters. They expressed their angst against the ruling TDP that they were forced to make promises to vote for the TDP and if they didn't they were resorting to violence and denied their basic constitutional right of freedom to vote for whom they want.

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