Agar KIA, Toh Kya KIA Chandrababu?

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Anantapur: Right before the elections, Andhra Pradesh Chief N Chandrababu Naidu is staging new dramas to hoodwink people. The KIA Motors plant is not yet complete to roll out cars. The plant might need another whole year to finish and reach the target announced by the company. However, Chandrababu claims that credit for the plant being set by KIA Motors goes to him.

The Government of Andhra Pradesh inked a Memorandum of Understanding (MoU) with KIA Motors in April 2017. In the same year, Erramanchi village near Penugonda in Anantapur was chosen, and the construction work pertaining to the plant started.  The second half of 2019 was fixed as a deadline to finish the plant and this was declared by the company authorities in the Frame Installation Ceremony (FCI) held on 22 February 2018.

For a start, they are going to get parts of the vehicle from South Korea and then later assemble them in India. Once the ancillary industries are established, all the cars components will be made in India. AP government has announced that this plant is going to employ 3,000 people directly and 7,000 people indirectly. The criteria for employment will be based upon the professional skill of the employee.

Generally, people attend the foundation laying ceremony and launching ceremony but Chandrababu even attended the FCI. He conducted a trial ceremony showing everyone how the car was ready just before the elections on 29 January.

The installation process in the plant is not yet complete. It was in the machinery installation stage that this trial ceremony was done. The manufacturers and government are claiming that this production will begin in another six months or it could also extend up to a year.

The target of KIA Motors per annum is a production of 3,00,000 units, then they have to manufacture 822 cars per day, that is 34 cars in an hour. They are yet to install the 300 robots required for press and body fitting. Aware of all these facts, Chandrababu still makes claims about KIA Motors while taking a ride of a car manufactured in South Korea. The media houses are showing him support as well, and are promoting him.

‘Government first assured that 86% of the jobs on offered to the locals and they were also promised a training center to impart skills to the locals. With KIA’s hiring coming to a close, not even 10% of the 3000 direct employment has come into the hands of the locals. Employment is not being provided to the farmers who have lost their land for the establishment of the company. Even jobs are being given to the workers from Karnataka, Gujarat, and Tamilnadu.

When the same question was raised before Chandrababu, he replied saying that if you need employment then industries being provided isn’t enough, the skills to work in that industry are also a necessity. He added that special training will be given for employment and that the 376 families who have lost the land will be given jobs in the company. As of now few locals are working as meer watchmen, sweepers and toilet cleaners.

TDP leaders Paritala Sunitha, Kalava Srinivasulu, Payyavula Keshav, Palle Raghunatha Reddy, Varadapuram Suri, BK Parthasarathi have purchased lands from the natives at throwaway prices, as once the plant is fully operational the real estate prices might skyrocket in the area.

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