Chandrababu Owes An Apology To BCs: YSRCP

YSRCP Rajahmundry convenor Margani Bharath - Sakshi Post

Hyderabad : YSR Congress criticised the Chandrababu Naidu government saying that it lacks sincerity on BC welfare as they were deceived time and again and before polls, and now, the State has been showering sops while they were neglected all along their term.

Speaking to reporters here on Sunday, Party Rajahmundry convenor Margani Bharath said, ‘Chandrababu owes an apology to BCs for neglecting them all these years and not releasing the Rs 50,000 crores welfare fund as promised by him during elections. ‘The Jayaho BC meeting of TDP lacks conviction as the manifesto of the Party had promised many sops but not a single one was honoured and now they are going agog with publicity that they are the champions of BCs which is far from the truth,’ he said.

The ruling Party has spent only Rs 15,000 crores of the promised Rs 50,000 which shows the indifference of the State towards BCs, he said adding that for Chandrababu Naidu BC is Business Class and not Backward Class. He has promised to include barbers and washermen communities into SCs but failed to do so.

The AP chief minister had made 119 such promises and did not keep even a single promise and the watering down of fee reimbursement scheme has affected many BC students, he said. He demanded an apology from the Chief Minister. Chandrababu Naidu has turned into copycat by repeating all the announcements which YS Jagan Mohan Reddy announced as Navarathnalu, on which Rajanna Rajyam would be based. With his history of going back on election promises, no one will believe Chandrababu Naidu and people will give a decisive mandate to YSRCP, he said.

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