TDP Supporter Assaults Police Constable In Chittoor

Screen shot of the assault on the Constable in Penumur, Chittoor district - Sakshi Post

Chittoor: With not even a few days elapsing after a Telugu Desam Party (TDP) MLA from Eluru, Badeti Bapji's assaulting Police officials in his constituency, another incident of high handedness by TDP party workers came to light on Monday in the Penumuru Mandal in the Chief Minister's district of Chittoor.

Getting into the details of the incident Chandrasekhar Naidu and his son, both residents of Penumur Mandal were involved in a legal dispute with regard to a piece of land he owned. His son Yugandhar works in the local TDP office. The court had pronounced orders that no work should be done till the hearing was completed. But not paying heed to court orders, Chandrasekhar started civil works in the land and the locals informed the police about the matter.

A constable was sent and when he was trying to explain that that it was illegal to construct anything while a court case was pending and that he could be arrested for contempt of court, Chandrasekhar in a fit of rage abused the constable with filthy words and attacked him with a stick. He also questioned the constable's authority for stopping him from doing anything on his land. The constable was injured in the attack and filed a complaint to the SI in-charge.

The high handedness didn't end there, Yugandhar is said to have called the SI and warned him not to file any case against this father as he was a part of the ruling Party office. The SI was left fuming and had to pacify the constable and close the matter.

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