TDP Comments Reflect Its Anti-Women Culture: Vasireddy Padma

YSRCP official spokesperson Vasireddy Padma  - Sakshi Post

Hyderabad : Castigating TDP for its irresponsible comments on the complaint of YSR Congress leader YS Sharmila, the Party has said that it is irrational for the ruling Party leaders to make such remarks when a woman has come out to speak out against the false propaganda.

Speaking to reporters here on Thursday Party spokesperson Vasireddy Padma said, ‘the same false propaganda was unleashed against YS Sharmila before 2014 elections and it is now a rewind of the same script ahead of 2019 elections.

The chief minister instead of expressing concern over the matter has passed snide remarks. His party leaders took a cue from him and this shows the culture of the TDP which has never respected women at any point of time”, the YSRCP spokesperson remarked.

Vasireddy Padma observed—“YS Sharmila had the guts to come out in the open and complain against such libellous writings and postings in the social media and she represents the women who are suffering with such discrimination and gender bias. The facts will come out into the open after investigation”, she added.

The senior YSRCP leader pointed out that Andhra Pradesh holds the dubious record of placing itself on top of the table of atrocities on women. “We have seen the conduct of state ministers and legislators who were charged with serious offences against women and have also seen the lewd comments of TDP leaders at public gatherings degrading women.” The chief minister made no effort to correct them and on occasions was a party to such comments, she said.

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