TDP Behind Slanderous Campaign: YS Sharmila

YSR Congress leader YS Sharmila - Sakshi Post

Hyderabad: Rubbishing the false propaganda unleashed by vested interests by linking her name to that of a popular Telugu film hero, YSR Congress leader YS Sharmila has said that a conspiracy was hatched by people to defame her ahead of the general elections to get political mileage.

Speaking to media here on Monday, after lodging a formal complaint against those responsible for posting objectionable material against her in social media, she said, ‘such false propaganda started before 2014 elections and swung back with elections fast approaching now and I have sought proper action against those carrying out the character assassination and objectionable posting in the social media and the perpetrators who are behind the scenes.

I strongly believe that TDP is behind spreading the rumour. When the leadership does not warn its cadre who are speaking of such things it implies that it approves the version of the lower rung leaders. I have no acquaintance with the film hero Prabhas and never talked to him. Being a mother, wife and person with family bond, it hurts when such slanderous campaign is carried out and if I do not react, my silence may lead to some unpleasant conclusions which is the reason why I lodged the complaint seeking action against those who are responsible for such libelous comments using the social media as a tool.

There is tall talk about democracy, human rights, women liberation and the like but they are only on paper and it is time for people to come out in the open raise their voice against such slanderous campaign as there are many people against whom such things are written about, she said. The intelligentsia should come forward and extend support to all those who are falling prey to such propaganda and it is time that the issue is uprooted completely. TDP is known for spreading rumours and this is no different. "They tried to defame my father by calling him a factionist and they were proved wrong.

The same rumour of relationship with the film star was floated before 2014 and subsided after the election and this time it has again popped up before polls. We requested the Commissioner of Police to take stern action against the people writing in social media and websites and against those who are purporting the crime," she said. Sharmila was accompanied by her husband Bro. Anil Kumar, senior party leaders YV Subba Reddy, Sajjala Ramakrishna Reddy, Vasireddy Padma and others who lodged the complaint with Hyderabad Police Commissioner Anjani Kumar.

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