Nandyala TDP Followers Join YSRCP

YSRCP supporters - Sakshi Post

Nandyal: With the elections in the state approaching and winds of change carry YS Jagan wave, YSR Kutumbam is attracting more people into its fold. Several leaders from other parties have started joining the YSR Congress party. Recently, several TDP followers from Venkata Chalam colony joined YSRCP. Close to 50 families have joined YSRCP leaving TDP, from the 34th ward of Venkata Chalam Colony.
The joining formality took place in the presence of YSRCP leader and former Minister Shilpa Mohan Reddy. Members  joined the party under the guidance of YSRCP counselor Zakeer Hussain. All the people were welcomed into the party by Shilpa Mohan Reddy.

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