CBCID Functioning In AgriGold Case Opaque: YSRCP

YSR Congress leaders - Sakshi Post

Vijayawada: YSR Congress leaders met CBCID Additional DG over the AgriGold victims' case. YSRCP leaders MLA Gopireddy Srinivas Reddy, former MLAs' Malladi Vishnu and Vellampalli Srinivas, among others, met CBCID Additional DG Amit Garg. Later talking to the media they said the current functioning of CID in the AgriGold case is giving rise to many suspicions.

Revealing the facts over the issue they added, the number of victims mentioned in the CBCID report is 19,50,000, but the government report released by the government advisor Kutumba Rao puts it at less than 10,00,000.

YSRCP leaders added that Kutumba Rao said the government is going to take over the properties which were presented before the court. The victims will be compensated with Rs 300 crores, YSRCP leaders recalled quoting Kutumba Rao.

Opposition party leaders demanded to know as to how many assets are being presented in the court by CBCID? The government should reveal the list of 156 benami companies of AgriGold along with their assets, they demanded. They also wished to know why the directors with the power of issuing a cheque are not being named in the case?

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