Hyderabad: Nagari MLA and senior YSR Congress party leader Roja tore into Andhra Pradesh chief minister Chandrababu Naidu for being scared to hand over the case related to the attack on Leader of Opposition in Andhra Pradesh legislative assembly YS Jagan Mohan Reddy to the National Investigative Agency NIA. Chandrababu is speaking as if he has rewritten the Constitution. Is there a Nara Constitution?

The TDP chief and his cabinet colleagues seem to have ensured that the SIT ignores the conspiracy angle conveniently. The first point which needed to be probed was who would gain from this murderous attack and therefore, who could have plotted it?

The state DGP and TDP ministers' remarks pointed to a cover-up in the matter right from the day the attack took place (October 25, 2018), she added. The Chief Minister ridiculed the murder attempt on the Leader of Opposition in the assembly and the DGP made irresponsible remarks. They straightaway decided that he was a fan of the YSRCP chief without the probe getting underway.

It became clear then itself that the AP government was trying to sidetrack the probe. The manner in which Chandrababu Naidu and Lokesh were now speaking reflected their state of nervousness, she asserted. Posing a direct question Roja asked--why are you so scared Lokesh and Chandrababu?

The senior YSRCP leader said that in a case like this where the attack took place at the airport, the state should have registered a case under Section 3-A of Civil Aviation Act, and handed it over to the Centre.

From the way Chandrababu wants to inulate Andhra Pradesh from central investigating agencies, it appears as if he wants to protect the likes of Dawood Ibrahim, Vijay Mallya, Nirav Modi and others of this ilk. Hence, he says there cannot be CBI, IT probes in Andhra Pradesh.

The chief minister threatened a woman leader of the BJP saying he will finish her. This shows his lack of tolerance for dissent and criticism.

Roja observed that they carefully plotted to eliminate YS Jagan in the airport which is under the jurisdiction of the Centre. Roja wondered as to what was making Lokesh so nervous. The High Court verdict served as a good opportunity for Nippu Naidu and Pappu Naidu to prove their integrity as the case is being probed by the NIA, Roja commented.Roja criticised the government for leading the probe in the wrong direction. Instead of investigating the conspiracy angle in the attack on YS Jagan, the TDP leaders are coming up with a new drama that Srinivasa Rao is authoring books and stories in jail, she said.

The YSRCP MLA wondered why actor Sivaji had not been probed so far considering he first predicted an attack on the Leader of the Opposition in the state.

Roja also wondered how Srinivasa Rao began working at the high security area of the airpost and as to who got him the No Objection certificate from the local police. How did Harshavardhan Chowdary who owns the restaurant at the airport where the attack took place, escape sustained interrogation by the SIT, she wondered. Nara Lokesh had inaugurated the airport restaurant and Harshavardhan was widely seen as his proxy, she said.

With the probe being taken up by the NIA, Chandrababu is crying foul and making baseless allegations and wild charges against YS Jagan stating that he has a secret pact with the BJP.

It was Chandrababu Naidu who went in for alliance with BJP and spent 4 years in the NDA. It was the TDP which made a BJP minister's wife a TTD member. The AP chief minister's memory needed jogging that Rajnath Singh had claimed that Chandrababu is a friend, she said. Roja also reminded Chandrababu that at

Balakrishna's biopic of NTR, the opening clap was given by Vice-President Venkaiah Naidu. All this goes to show who is in league with the BJP, she added.

The Nagari MLA also cited the instance of the killing of MLA Kidari Sarveswara Rao by Maoists. How could the AP government turn the case over to the NIA? Was there no conspiracy then, she asked. Why do you need Z category security when you have no faith in the Centre?, Roja asked Chandrababu Naidu.

The YSRCP leader said that the High Court order not being complied with is an undemocratic and unconstitutional act.

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