When NTR Termed Chandrababu’s Betrayal Treachery

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Ram Gopal Varma’s film Lakshmi’s NTR, is a much-awaited biopic of early 2019. One of the songs in the film on the legendary actor and former chief minister has proved to be a blockbuster on YouTube and social media networks. It has also kicked up a fire storm in TDP. The song popularly known “Vennupotu” (backstabbing) begins with “dagaa”, “dagaa” (deception, betrayal) and has expressions like “kutra” (conspiracy), “mosam” (cheating) and Kaliyuga Shakunis, implying diabolical villains of contemporary times. In the background are visuals of the most important people in NTR’s life at that point including the actor politician, Lakshmi Parvathi his wife, Chandrababu Naidu who upstaged him to become Chief Minister and others.

The suggestive nature of the song in terms of words as well as the visuals leaves no one doubt about who is expressing his anguish about whom relating to what.  Nowhere does Chandrababu Naidu‘s name pop up in the song. Why is it that Telugu Desam leaders and partymen are so agitated about the song, is the question posed by RGV. Moreover he points out that NTR himself had used the expression ‘Vennupotu’ multiple times referring to Chandrababu Naidu.

RGV also shared a YouTube video on twitter in which NTR compares Chandrababu Naidu to Aurangazeb who killed his brothers to grab the throne. NTR says that he was let down by cheats and those who betrayed them for their own selfish reasons.

NTR clearly says that Chandrababu Naidu‘s actions hurt the pride and honour of Telugus. These were the very people who claimed repeatedly that NTR was their leader and they were mere followers. He pushes for the right to recall to be given to voters.

NTR remarks in this interview that Chandrababu Naidu who was first in the Congress, joined the TDP claiming that he would be dedicated to the ideals of the party. But in his heart of hearts there was always the sinister ambition to dislodge NTR by forming his own group which the actor-politician was unaware of.

NTR says that the ground for upstaging him had been prepared by bribing some MLAs by the kingpin of the conspiracy (read Chandrababu) who is unfit to be named.

RGV’s tongue in cheek question to Kurnool TDP MLA Mohan Reddy is, why doesn’t he file a case of defamation against the man (NTR) who is saying derogatory things about his leader Chandrababu Naidu in this YouTube video?

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