Hyderabad: Popular actress Apurva complained to the cyber crime division of the Hyderabad City Police against harassment by the followers of Denduluru TDP MLA Chintamaneni Prabhakar.

She stated in her complaint that by using social media platforms to propagate falsehoods about her they were subjecting her to psychological torture. Apurva said that her reputation was being tarnished through rumours and untruths.

Apurva requested the police to act firmly against the followers of the Denduluru MLA who were defaming her on social media networks.

In the past the actress had complained against the TDP MLA in an interview on Youtube channel. She alleged that she had to sell her proerty in the village because of him.

Apurva also demanded action against Youtube for broadcasting an objectionable interview without checking with her on facts. A one-sided interview was put out, she said. Apurva also mentioned the name of her estranged husband, Sathyanarayana in this context.

she said that her estranged husband is a follower of the MLA.

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