Did TDP Pull Down KCR’s Baahubali Flexi?

Flexi involved in the conflict - Sakshi Post

Narasapuram: After Kalvakuntla Chandrashekar Rao (KCR) got elected as the Chief Minister of the Telangana, a flexi was erected congratulating him in the bus stand area here. The flexi was believed to have been pulled down as it was unauthorized. Police officials, municipal authorities, two of the counselors from the ruling party and the RTC DM were said to have been present at the spot. All other ones remained untouched, while only this particular flexi was reportedly pulled down.

As KCR got elected as the CM of Telangana for the second consecutive term. popular tennis player from the town CH Chinnareddappa Dhavej, Medida Ramu, Buditi Anil put up a flexi calling KCR Bahubali. This flexi even attracted the eyeballs of many people passing by the road. One among the three friends said that police pulled down the flexi and when questioned, police did not respond. Municipal officials are not responding over this issue.

People even expressed a view that TDP leaders, who were irked by the flexi could have done this. In the past a flexi of BSP supremo Mayawati was erected all across the state, but no one raised any questions then. However “with permission from the authorities we are going to come up with a flexi again.  This was done to congratulate a person, but not demean anyone,” added Dhavej.

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