Chandrababu Eclipsed Congress Fortunes in Telangana: Roja

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Guntur: YSR Congress Party Nagari MLA and party spokesperson, Roja took a jibe at Andhra Pradesh Chief Minister, Chandrababu Naidu’s meddling in Telangana elections and said the Congress paid a heavy price for its pact with him. “Chandra Grahanam” (lunar eclipse) marred the fortunes of the Congress in Telangana. People in the end voted for welfare governance and did not get influenced by propaganda overdrive or fake surveys meant to confuse them.

Chandrababu has the gall to ask voters in Telangana to defeat defectors from other parties. Addressing the media here on Wednesday, Roja asked the TDP chief pointedly—“Can you say same thing here in AP?” The AP chief minister thought that he could play a key role through his publicity and propaganda, but seems to have forgotten that social media is very much there to expose his hypocrisy with alacrity.

Referring to Lagadapati’s conspiracy she said he played the role of Shakuni and was exposed hopelessly. He simply tried to confuse people at the behest of Chandrababu and failed. Roja compared Lagadapati to Vijay Mallya and Sujana Chowdary. She said that after having taken political ‘Sanyas’, he seems to have returned only for the sake of wriggling out of cases of bank loan defaults. Roja described the former Congress MP as a political broker more than an analyst and said he must take sanyas from surveys now. She also pointed out that his Tamil Nadu survey had been a damp squib.

Chandrababu Naidu and Lokesh’s plans came a cropper, she pointed out. Deputy chief minister KE Krishna Murthy had said that it was better to hang oneself than go in for a pact with Congress in AP. The TDP was hanged along with Congress party in Telangana, she commented.

Chandrababu tried every trick in the book to ensure victory for his party candidates in Telangana. One ploy was to field a member from the NTR family, Harikrishna’s daughter Chundru Suhasini who was turned into Nandamuri Suhasini. It was sad to see a candidate who cannot speak properly to people in the constituency trying to go about campaigning, Roja said. Realising Suhasini’s plight and aware of her chances, her filmstar brothers Jr NTR and Kalyan Ram did not participate in electioneering. All along, they had been sidelined by Chandrababu Naidu who tried to divide their family by fielding Suhasini, the YSRCP spokesperson point out.

Chandrababu tried to bring in a rift between the people of Telangana and others from the Andhra region who had settled there. However, the Andhra settlers who are happy with the TRS regime in Telangana taught the TDP a befitting lesson. This is evident from the results in Kukatpally, Malkajgiri, Qutbullapur and Serilingampally.

The results in Telangana also proved that the Congress party without YSR is in a sorry state. It was Dr YSR who was instrumental in bringing the Congress back to power in 2004. The people of telangana taught the culprits in Vote for Note case a lesson. Chandrababu Naidu thought that media and money are enough to power the Prajakutami to a win, underestimating the wisdom of the average voter of Telangana. Roja said that Chandrababu likes to call himself National President of TDP and under his leadership, he brought the party tally down from 15 to 2 in Telangana. The election results are also a slap in the face of Yellow media.

In Andhra Pradesh, Rajanna Rajyam under the leadership of YSR Congress Party headed by YS Jagan Mohan Reddy will be ushered in soon. The TDP will be driven out of AP in the same way as it was from Telangana.

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