Amaravati: Sujana Chowdary is being investigated by the EnforcementDirectorate in the Rs 6000 thousand crores loan default case. As the investigation is in progress many such economic offences of this close aide to Chief Minister Chandrababu Naidu are coming to light. Sujana Chowdary is reported to have floated shell companies with transactions of crores of rupees. He is reported to have taken loans from banks in the name of shell companies and in another instance said to have altered his father’s name and obtained two Director Identification Numbers(DIN). Y Satyanarayana Chowdary S/o Janardhan Rao and has taken two numbers against the law from the Registrar of Companies(ROC).

With the a little change of last two letters in his father’s name, Sujana Chowdary is learnt to have got two numbers with the same address and PAN numbers submitted this information in his election affidavit. These were obtained in the names of YS Janardhana Rao, YS Janardhana Reddy. Lawyers from Uttar Pradesh have already complained with ROC in the year 2016. Rama Rao Immaneni a local lawyer has also lodged a complaint with the ROC. With complaint the number under the name of YS Janardhana Reddy taken in 2006 has been cancelled. But the ROC officials said the card was cancelled as the director of the company has not filed returns. If a DIN is issued then it is for lifetime, and cannot be deactivated said the Chartered Accountants.

According to the Companies act, one individual playing the role of director in many companies has same DIN, which is issued by the ROC. This number does not change if the person switches companies. If one person is known to have more than one DIN then he liable for punishment under section 266A of the act. The accused if proven guilty is faces a jail term of six months or Rs 5000 fine or both.

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