Kommineni Srinivasa Rao

One wouldn't have believed it, if the Telugu Desam Party's (TDP) alliance with the Congress was predicted a few months ago. Chandrababu, who until very recently waged blazing attack at the Congress stating the national party hurt the self-esteem and honour of the people of Andhra Pradesh, has now scurried to the same Congress which bifurcated the State. As far as the people of the Telugu States are concerned, this is a strange occurrence in politics. Adding to the anomaly was Chandrababu, visiting Congress President Rahul Gandhi at his residence in Delhi, like any another Congress leader. It appears that not only did Chandrababu Naidu mortgage the interests of the State, but lost his own self-respect in the bargain.

Both Rahul and Chandrababu insisted that their political differences are a thing of the past, while insisting that democracy was in danger. Why did Chandrababu choose to insult himself by joining hands with the Congress? It may be recalled that Chandrababu was highly vocal against the Congress President when the latter toured Guntur district for the cause of the Special Category Status to the State. From praising Prime Minister Narendra Modi for providing the highest amount of funds to joining hands with Rahul, Chandrababu's see-saw of political affiliations lacks consistency.

After falling out with the BJP, Chandrababu now claims that democracy is in danger. Synonymous to Chandrababu's views were Rahul Gandhi's statements over protection of democracy. All the non-BJP parties are compelled to unite in order to save democracy, he said. He also said that the parties in the process of unification would have to ignore political differences between them. With a fair amount of forgiveness, both Rahul and Chandrababu seemed to have forgotten the criticism against each other in the past.

Very recently, Andhra Pradesh Congress president Raghuveera Reddy likened Chandrababu's governance to a mafia. On the other side, Chandrababu's aides were blatant in their criticism of senior Congress leader KVP Ramachandra Rao. All of a sudden, Chandrababu was worried about democracy and political compulsions. One wonders whether national leaders like Rahul Gandhi are blind to the abuse of democracy by the TDP in Andhra Pradesh, where 23 of the YSR Congress MLAs were lured by the ruling party.

Is Rahul Gandhi prepared to accept Chandrababu's partiality in fund allocation and corruption in Janmabhoomi committees? Will the Congress leaders accept Chandrababu's corrupt governance? Will the TDP workers accept Chandrababu's idea of joining hands with the Congress, given the party's anti-Congress ideology?

Meanwhile, the hypocrisy of the TDP lies in its rejection of charges of irregularities in the companies of TDP MP CM Ramesh while applauding the false cases and CBI probe against YSRCP Chief YS Jagan Mohan Reddy. In hindsight, it indeed is clear as daylight that Chandrababu is seeking protection from punishment due to his corrupt practices. In recent times, he had urged the public to protect him from the attack by the Centre.

Chandrababu was highly critical of the Daggubati couple, who had joined and worked with the Congress in the past. But, he now chose to place the TDP at the feet of the Congress leaders. One thing is for sure, the masses would never forget the history behind Chandrababu, Rahul and the political rivalry.

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