Pawan Kalyan Takes Potshots at Chandrababu’s ‘Real Time’ Governance

Pawan Kalyan addressing crowds in Tuni - Sakshi Post

Polavaram, West Godavari district: Pawan Kalyan took a dig at Andhra Pradesh chief minister, Chandrababu Naidu's tall claims of "real-time governance" after the kilometre-long road near the project, collapsed and developed huge cracks yesterday. Communication to the agency parts in the region were cut off. Power poles got uprooted and people as a result of these developments, were gripped by a sense of fear.

Reacting to the collapse of the road, Pawan Kalyan stated derisively that the Andhra Pradesh chief minister, who does not tire of speaking of real-time governance, should come out with a clarification on the breakdown. Could Chandrababu's real-time governance gauge the extent of damage which the road suffered?

The Jana Sena founder sarcastically said that he hoped that the TDP government won't blame it on an earthquake in the Polavaram area. Taking to twitter, Pawan sought clarity on the issue.

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