Lokesh Statements Prove CM Ramesh Is TDP’s Benami: GVL

GVL Narasimha Rao addressing media - Sakshi Post

NewDelhi: After decoding the statements made by AP Minister Lokesh, it is evident that CM Ramesh is their benami said BJP National spokesperson GVL NarasimhaRao. Talking to the media here, he said Lokesh has grabbed many government lands and properties for benami IT companies. Income Tax department officials conduct raids only after confirming the primary evidence.

Questions posed by the IT officials should be answered and are not to be dubbed as revenge acts by BJP, he added. Those who have not committed any mistake should not to be scared. If the raids happen on other party people then it is praised by TDP, when their turn comes why are they scared? he questioned.

Telangana Congress leader Revanth Reddy and Andhra Pradesh TDP MP CM Ramesh are benamis of Chandrababu. TDP has given a sum of Rs 500 crores to the Telangana Congress, which is earned by illegal means, he said.

CM Ramesh’s protest for Steel plant is a fake one and none of us is scared of such acts, said GVL. There is no truth in the statements that IT raids are an after effect of the protest by CM Ramesh.

A discussion has been carried out with steel minister Beerendra Singh and there is positive response from his side. All the decisions will be taken after the Maken company's report is submitted, he said.

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