Payakraopet: Tension gripped Payakaropet constituency in Visakhapatnam district when Nandamuri fans belonging to TDP and YSRCP members had a clash over denial of tickets for Jr. NTR's latest release Aravinda Sametha to some members of the YSRCP. The film hit theatres today.A common feature among die hard fans of Telugu cinema actors is to watch the first show of their star heroes' movies on the very first day. And today when Jr. NTR's much awaited film Aravinda Sametha released in theatres, things went out of hand when Jr. NTR fans (who belonged to the Nandamuri Cultural Youth Association and Balakrishna Fans association groups ) from the rival groups of the Telugu Desam Party and the YSRCP party had a scuffle over tickets.

A section of Jr. NTR fans headed by Viswanathula Sreenu who belonged to the YSRCP had gone to SaiMahal theatre in Payakaraopet to buy tickets for the first show along with a group of fans who belonged to the TDP party headed by Chinthakayala Rambabu. The YSRCP members were denied tickets by theatre manager Seetharam who cited that they were YSRCP party members and that the local MLA of Payakaraopeta, Vangalpudi Anitha had given instructions that tickets should only be given to TDP members. Enraged at being denied tickets by the manager, the YSRCP members protested against the theatre management and tore down the flexis and banners of the actor leading to mild tension in the theatre premises.

The YSRCP members alleged that politicising a movie release and denying them movie tickets was something disgraceful and a sitting MLA and that too a lady behaving in this manner was shameful. It would be better if they sell the tickets to the ruling party leaders and members and watch the movie themselves, they protested in anger. Police were called in to diffuse the situation and spoke to the theatre management. The theatre manager Seetharam changed his stance and said that he didn't take the name of the MLA Vangalpudi Anitha and said that the TDP Mandal Head Peddireddi Chittibabu had told them not to give tickets to the YSRCP members.

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