AP Government Issues Orders, No More Job Recruitments

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Amaravati: Indicating that the government would not recruit new employees in the next financial year, the State government issued notices to various departments not to send any proposals regarding pay revisions and adjustments as part of the plans in drawing up next year's budget. With the notice, the government made it clear that the budget proposals should not include the vacant posts or pay revisions. Only the estimates for the pay revisions of the employees based on the cadre level must be sent, the notice said.

According to the notice, the departments are required to send the particulars of the number of employees who were exceeding the cadre limit. Analysts suggest that this is a clear indication of the State government’s intentions against recruiting new employees. This comes as a shock to the job aspirants, who were promised jobs by the TDP with the slogan 'Babu Vasthey Jobu..'.

The finance ministry announced that there were 1.42 lakh job vacancies in the State. The existing vacancies were also added by the vacancies resulted after the bifurcation. In addition to the vacancies arised due to the retirement of employees, the total number of vacancies could be around 2 lakh.

On the other side, the recent GO issued for filling the teacher posts was intended to deceive the unemployed, it appears. Very recently, a GO was calling for the recruitment of 18,000 teacher posts.

The finance ministry further stated that a review of the social welfare schemes must be held across the departments. Scraping of technical servises and the schemes which were of no use to the public was advised. Also, the departments were asked to explain the need for continuing the provision of all the existing schemes besides seeking proposals for new welfare schemes in the new financial year.

A Bar On Expenses From Last Financial Year

The ministry asked the electricity, telephone, petroleum etc departments to quote the rental charges as per revised rates. No department is advised to quote the expenses more than those from the last financial year, the notice said.

Government Records Suggest 65 Lakh Vacancies

- In Andhra Pradesh, there are 1,42,825 vacancies from among the 6,97,621 issued posts as per the Kamalanathan Committee.

- In a statement released by finance minister Yanamala Ramakrishnudu, he said that there were only 77,737 vacancies in the government while the reality was there are over 2 lakh job vacancies in the State.

- The Kamalanathan Committee suggested 6.97 lakh jobs in the State while the State government curtailed it to just 4.83 lakh.

- Even as the rate of unemployment increases astronomically each year, there were no measures to provide employment oppurtunities.

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