Lokesh-TDP Out To Drive A Wedge Between Andhra-Telangana Voters?

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Reshmi AR

Andhra Pradesh IT Minister Nara Lokesh has put his foot in his mouth once again by raking up an issue considered as good as buried. Lokesh sharply criticised Telangana Chief Minister K Chandrashekar Rao, accusing him of making comments such as 'Jago Bhago'. At an impromptu media meet called by the TDP leader, Lokesh said that TRS was riding on the support of leaders who had defected from Telugu Desam. He slammed KCR for honouring ministers who won on the strength of electoral mandate given by Andhra people settled in Telangana.

Why is Nara Lokesh trying to create this Andhra-Telangana divide in the KCR-ruled state? Does he expect KCR to react with equal ferocity thereby alienating Andhra voters settled here? Or is it native immaturity which is on display here? The TDP strategy could be to use all possible methods to drive the votes of 'settlers' into the Congress kitty and this could be a part of that larger scheme.

It is a well known fact that in large pockets of the twin cities such as Kukatpally, LB Nagar, Vanasthalipuram, Nallakunta, Tarnaka and many other parts Andhra voters reside in large numbers and can make a significant difference to the overall tally in a constituency.

Telangana finance minister Etela Rajendar has already reacted to Lokesh's comments describing them as hilarious. As things stand, Nara Lokesh manages to become the butt of all jokes without any help from anyone.

However, If Lokesh thinks that he can provoke KCR by making such divisive and immature statements, he could well be wrong. There may be truth in the fact that there are a large number of Andhra voters settled in Telangana. But KCR would not want to antagonise them needlessly by rising to Lokesh's bait. It is about time the IT minister of AP showed some maturity in strategising if he has to make any headway in politics. Perhaps Lokesh could take a leaf out of KTR's book when it comes to public speaking.

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