Harikrishna Reached Out For Water Bottle: Co-Passengers

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Hyderabad: Former Parliamentarian, actor and Telugu Desam Party leader Nandamuri Harikrishna died in a car accident near Anneparthi in Nalgonda district this morning. According to Harikrishna's friend Arikapudi Shivaji, who had accompanied the deceased in their journey to Nellore, the speeding car lost control after it ran over a stone that was lying on the road, at the time of the mishap. Harikrishna reached out for a water bottle when the incident happened, he added.

Arikapudi Shivaji said that he and another passenger, Venkat Rao were out of danger as they were wearing their seat belts. "Harikrishna was driving the car at a high speed. Since he was not wearing the seat belt at the time of mishap, he was thrown out of the car," he added.

The trio started off from Hyderabad at 4:30 am today, to attend a marriage in Nellore district. Shivaji and Venkat Rao escaped unhurt with minor injuries.

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