Hyderabad: YSR Congress Party state general secretary Lakshmi Parvathi said that Andhra Pradesh Chief Minister N Chandrababu Naidu and his proxies were looting the state. Speaking to media here today, she said with the support of Chandrababu, the TDP leaders were involved in illegal business and were not showing any concern for the people.

Lakshmi Parvathi said that illegal quarries had mushroomed all over the state and the ruling TDP government was not controlling them. Lenient attitude of the government was encouraging the quarry owners to conduct blasts without caring for the lives of the people. She said it was not enough if the government pays Rs five lakhs ex gratia and forget about the issue. "The government should take responsibility to see that henceforth such incidents do not occur."

The YSRCP general secretary said that Prime Minister Narendra Modi and Chandrabau were jointly cheating the people. If BJP had enough proof, then why were they hesitating to initiate investigation on the AP CM's corruption. She expressed surprise that BJP and Pawan Kalyan had not noticed the corrupt practices of Chandrababu over the last four years when they were all part of alliance. "Today they were criticsing each other. All these are nothing but staging new dramas each day."

She questioned if BJP and Pawan Kalyan were not part of Chandrababu's corruption. The AP CM was more concerned about his political gains rather than the welfare of the state, she said and added that people should take notice of all these corrupt practices. She further said that Chandrababu was least bothered about the numerous girl students of Narayana and Chaitanya colleges committing suicide.

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