Vijayawada: The scale of corruption in Chandrababu Naidu government has grown to such huge proportions that Andhra Pradesh IAS Officers Association wrote a letter to the Chief Minister protesting against the embezzlement of funds to the tune of Rs 600 crore meant for construction of toilets by the ruling party leaders.

After the CM blamed the officials for the delay in construction of toilets at a recent review meeting, the IAS officers in state reacted to prove the point that it was not their fault but the embezzlement of funds which caused the delay. The siphoning off by none other than the leaders of the ruling TDP as spelt out by the IAS officers, is to the tune of a staggering Rs 600 crore .

The CM is reported to have said he will stage a protest sit-in against the delay in construction of toilets while speaking at a review meeting in Srikakulam recently.

In a letter written to the CM, the IAS Officers Association strongly protested against the remarks and sought to clarify that the delay was happening as the funds were misused and siphoned off by his own party leaders.

"The contracts were given to TDP leaders and their affiliates and they are pressurizing us to release the funds without doing any work", the association said. Of the Rs 992.06 crore funds released by the central government and Rs 838.16 crore by the state, only Rs 1,230.22 was used properly and "the remaining Rs 600 crore was misused by MLA, MPs and your party leaders", the association remarked.

"Your comments projecting us as corrupt and inefficient caused pain and agony among us. If you think we are corrupt and inefficient, you can transfer us but kindly don't blame us for no fault of ours," the association appealed to the CM.