Andhra Pradesh should be kept united: YSR Congress, CPM

Andhra Pradesh should be kept united: YSR Congress, CPM - Sakshi Post

YSR Congress Party and CPM on Wednesday told the GoM on Telangana that Andhra Pradesh should be kept united as the devil of division will raise its ugly head in other states and create more problems.

Maintaining that the State should not be bifurcated, B V Raghavulu, state CPM secretary said, We have expressed our opinion that Andhra Pradesh should be kept intact as more problems would recur than be solved. Our party has suggested various measures to improve the livelihood in backward regions of the State, he told reporters here. If bifurcation of Andhra Pradesh is inevitable, the Centre has to face problems arising out of dividing it, he said.
 YSR Congress Party urged the Union Government to stop the division process forthwith as it would spell doom to a multitude of Telugu people for generations to come.
 In a letter submitted to GoM, the party has said that it would oppose every step towards bifurcation of the State. Our Party reiterates with clarity and conviction that the State should be united.
Andhra Pradesh Tourism Minister Vatti Vasant Kumar said, he had yesterday urged the GoM to make Hyderabad Metropolitan Development Area (HMDA) a Union Territory. Without making HMDA as a Union Territory, how will the Centre offer protection to life and property of Andhra region in HMDA, he asked.
Meanwhile, TRS has targeted TDP chief Chandrababu Naidu for boycotting the GoM meeting. Among eight recognised political parties in Andhra Pradesh, all of them have expressed their opinion with GoM, except for TDP. He (Chandrababu Naidu) talks about justice, but doing injustice to both the regions, TRS leader K.T. Rama Rao charged at a press conference here.




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