Anam Viveka stays back in Cong

Anam Viveka stays back in Cong - Sakshi Post

Nellore Rural former MLA Anam Vivekananda Reddy, known for his sensational comments, is at it again.

Amid rumours that he is likely to leave the Congress for TDP, the leader said he would remain loyal to the Congress Party. The Congress leader further said there was no question of his joining any local party.
For the past some time, Anam brothers have deliberately distanced themselves from the activities of Congress Party. They gave ample indications that they are going to join some other party.
Giving credence to the rumors, Vivekananda Reddy had met Chandrababu at Lake View guesthouse recently.
However, it now appears that he has made up his mind to stay back in the Congress.

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