Ammonium tanker overturns near Eluru

Ammonium tanker overturns near Eluru - Sakshi Post

A mega tanker carrying ammonium (ion NH4) overturned near Eluru in West Godavari district on Sunday night causing disruption of vehicular traffic on the national highway.

The tanker vehicle turned turtle as the driver swerved the vehicle in a bid to avoid hitting a stationary RTC bus. 

The tanker hit the divider and overturned. As the alkali metal ion started leaking from the tanker, nobody dared to go closer to the tanker. The National disaster management team reached the spot in the morning and managed to cap by plugging leakage only in the afternoon. Sprinkling of water was continuing on the tanker to subdue the impact of gas. 

As a result of the ammonium gas leakage, people in the surroundings complained eye-burning and vomiting. Vehicles stranded on the highway till the afternoon. Later, the traffic police diverted the vehicles on another route. The tanker driver was on the run. The truck drivers complained that they were waiting on the road since Sunday night, but no effort was made to clear the traffic.


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