Amit Shah makes T BJP squirm in seats

Amit Shah makes T BJP squirm in seats - Sakshi Post

Merciless... scissers like precision... and no mincing of words... That's what Amit Shah looked like for the Telangana BJP. Amit Shah's visit to Telangana made several state honchos of the party jittery. 

He clearly showed that he was unhappy at the tardy pace of the membership drive in the newly formed state of Telangana. When they told him that they had enrolled 8 lakh people as against the target of 35 lakh, Amit Shah reportedly became very unhappy. He told them to speed up the work. He asked the party leaders to tour the rural side and mobilise support for the party. Later, when he came to know that the membership enrollment was done through membership forms, he became furious and rejected them outright.
He asked them to enroll the members via mobile phones only. He said that this mobile phone membership mobilisation will have to be taken up till March 31. Only later can the other forms of membership would be taken up, he said categorically. This made the T BJP leaders squirm in their seats. 
The current BJP top leadership frowns on membership made through offline registration forms as there is a possibility of irregularities. He also suggested that the state level leaders tour regularly in the rural side and interact with the party workers. He also asked them to be more critical of the TRS.

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