Americans Not Indians Watch Pirated Movies The Most

Respresentational image - Sakshi Post

The techno era has not only eased things out in terms of accesibility and convenience but it's also made life simpler for criminals. Take for example movie piracy. Copy and distribution of films by illegal means seem to be the latest fad in the present days.

The worst thing is when that happens all the efforts put in by the entire production crew goes down the drain. Not just that! Imagine the losses suffered by them when a copy of their work releases online on its release day? Total heartbreak!

The pirated copy of any movie is easily available to people on the same day and the audience shamelessly lap it up with no remorse whatsoever about the losses the makers will incur as long as it serves their purpose. The issue has gotten serious and stringent measures have been put in place to curb the menace in every part of the world including India.

Though India's name is linked to piracy a lot given the number of movie releases a week, surprisingly enough the list is topped by America, followed by Russia in second place. India secured the third place in the list. Brazil and Turkey settled at fourth and fifth places respectively.

Interestingly enough, while people think that most piracy done in China, the country is nowhere in the list as it has reportedly banned pirated sites in China.

When we come across the incidents reported in India, a number of movies have been streamed online on its released date. Pawan Kalyan’s Agnyaathavaasi had faced a similar situation when it was released. Same was the fate with Nani's MCA too.

But one heartening thing is Americans and Not Indians Watch Pirated Movies The Most.

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