American Stalker Blames Indians Of Ravaging US Neighborhoods

A screen grab of the video shot and posted on an anti-immigration website on Monday - Sakshi Post

It was Vamshi Reddy... Srinivas Kuchibotla, Harnish, Deep Roy and now the hatred and intolerance against Indians living in the USA are taking the shape of xenophobia.

A fresh incident now shows escalating racial intolerance against Indians living in the US; a stalker shot a video of Indian families relaxing in a park, posted it on an anti-immigration website, calling India a 'hell hole' and blaming Indian crowds ravaging the US neighborhoods.

The video, shot at Columbus in Ohio, shows children playing in a park and elderly people taking stroll while the person behind the camera calls the neighborhood a 'mini-Mumbai'. He then goes on to ask 'what happened to all the American people who used to live there'.

"The Indian crowd has ravished the Midwest. It's crazy. I ask this question -- what happened to all the American people that used to live in this middle, upper-middle class neighborhood?

Where does all this money come from?” the man remarks as he walks through the park, secretly filming the video that has been uploaded on The video was reportedly posted with a document, that was later taken down, calling India a "hell hole".

Here’s the video link:

"To think that there could be some weirdo filming my cousin's kids as they're playing at the park is just disturbing," Indian origin Bhavin Bavalia told BuzzFeed News.

The rising intolerance towards immigrants also seems to be spreading across continents. An Indian was subjected to racist tirades in Auckland, New Zealand and was asked to leave the country. "Societies are becoming more and more intolerant, especially since Trump was elected US President," said Anu Kaloti a New Zealand-based activist.

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