‘Story So Far...’ Farmers Protest As State Forcibly Acquires Land In Amaravati

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It all started on April 27 when one farmer Meera Prasad refused to part with his land for the laying of a road in the Capital Region of Andhra Pradesh's Amaravati. Despite showing the officials that he has an order from the court, police and officials continued with their high-handedness. When he tried to resist their attempts, he was mercilessly dragged out by police. In the melee, he suffered injuries and fell ill. The farmer came out on bail after he was arrested.

The Capital Farmer then vowed to lead the farmers protest against the ruling government's forcible acquisition of land.

The Amaravati Development Corporation (ADC) that is carrying out infrastructure works tried to lay an arterial road that connects to the seed access road. The ADC officials claimed that the high court did not order stopping the works, which are being done as per the orders of the district collector.

Infuriated over the government's arbitrary move, Meera Prasad has accused the TDP government of “deceiving” farmers in the name of land pooling.  He alleged that the government officers were accepting bribes and making all-out efforts to change his land records to forcibly acquire his land.

He said and I quote, “I have 33 acres. They (the government officials) are harassing me and fudging my passbooks. Despite telling them that I have an order from the court, their harassment is continuing.”

Expressing solidarity with the farmers protest, YSRCP Mapatla MP candidate Nandigama Suresh expressed his ire on TDP government for ill treating farmers. He alleged that Chandrababu Naidu had acted in violation of the High Court orders and this was done in accordance with Vasthu compliance.

The leader remarked that in the past the TDP tried all sorts of tricks to drive the farmers away and usurp their lands and had even burnt their fields. Instead of acting impartially and supporting the farmers, the officials were acting like Chandrababu's stooges, he complained.

It may be recalled that after coming to power in 2014, the Chandrababu Naidu government formed the Capital Region Development Authority (CRDA) and acquired more than 33,000 acres of fertile lands by the river Krishna for the construction of the new capital of Amaravati. The acquisition in the name of land pooling evoked widespread protests from farmers who had to part with their land.

(Courtesy | Arpita Ghosh: Lead Writer and Anchor | Laxmikanth Patwari: Video Editor)

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