Hero Allu Sirish caught on camera arguing with woman

Hero Allu Sirish caught on camera arguing with woman - Sakshi Post

Even before he could make a strong foothold for himself in the film industry, Allu Sirish already seems to be making news for the wrong reasons.

It has already been reported that a Mumbai-based woman has filed a complaint against one film old actor Allu Sirish on the pretext that he had misbehaved with her.

The woman alleged that a 'brother of a hero' misbehaved with her at ‘Over The Moon’ lounge bar at Daspalla hotel on Road No. 37 in the Jubilee Hills area. (Related Read)

After much hue and cry over the issue, the Tollywood actor has offered his version of the episode. Here's what he told to Sakshi TV news channel.

Speaking to the regional channel, Sirish clarified that neither the circle inspector has taken his name nor the woman complainant mentioned Allu Sirish in her FIR.  And that she has only mentioned that the brother of a popular hero is involved.

"My name is unnecessarily being dragged to make this a big issue. I don't know who she is. I don't know her name. I have not spoken to her," the actor claimed. But he was caught on camera arguing with a woman (face not seen) at the pub.

"I asked my manager to enquire about the issue and my staff has told me that she has not given my name," Allu Sirish said. When asked where he was on Saturday night, he said: "I went to a club at 12 pm and returned at 12.30 am."

But, we have received reports that the actor was in the pub way after 12:30 too. We had earlier seen that Ram Charan Tej, from the same family, was also seen changing his stand in the roadside tiff with techies. Although the case has been put to rest, it is evident that there was a lot of manipulation behind the screen that led to its closure. We are yet to see how Sirish is going to handle this predicament.

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