Allu Arvind Withdraws Plagiarism Case Against Raabta

Raabta will hit the screens on June 9 - Sakshi Post

Hyderabad: Allu Arvind, producer of Magadheera, has withdrawn the plagiarism case slapped against the makers of Bollywood film Raabta.

During the case hearing, several differences were cited in the script and storyline of the two films. "We presented our case to the honourable court as to how the films are not similar. In the morning, the makers of Magadheera withdrew their case," said Dinesh Vijan, director of Raabta.

Lawyers representing Raabta makers argued at a court on Wednesday that the background of the lead characters, their storyline development, the role of villain, the foreign locations and most importantly the finale of the film are completely and materially different from Magadheera. A statement issued on behalf of the Raabta team said the lawyers pointed out that the concerns of the makers of Magadheera that the warriors scene has been lifted in Raabta were unfounded as there was no such scene either in their film or the trailer.

"Unlike Magadheera, the villainous character was, in fact, an anti-hero and a parallel interest point for the heroine. Even in the back story depicting the past life of characters, the hero of the film actually plays a negative character for most part," the statement read further.

Raabta features actress Kriti Sanon, and it will now release on Friday. Magadheera, which came out in 2009, was directed by S.S. Rajamouli.

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