Allu Aravind’s TV Channels Boycott Proposal Rejected

Allu Aravind - Sakshi Post

Mega family's reaction to Sri Reddy issue has raised many eyebrows in the industry after the sensational remarks made by Allu Aravind. In the meeting at film chambers recently, Aravind asked Tollywood bigwigs not to attend the programmes of three TV Channels. Though none of them reacted on it in the film chambers, a recent meeting on the issue has now become talk of the town.

It is learnt that several tollywood bigwigs have objected to his statement on boycotting the TV channels which is in no way connected to the film industry.

Allu Aravind was also questioned by a producer over his absence in the earlier meetings. "When Sri Reddy abused the film industry and exposed the lives of actresses, why did you not condemn it?" the producer questioned. "When we invited the mega heroes to attend the meetings, no one turned up... If you would have attended, the issue could have been resolved by now," the producer added.

"You called a meeting only after a member from the mega family was involved in the issue," the producer said.

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