Allagadda pays 'Shradhanjali' to Shobha

Allagadda pays 'Shradhanjali' to Shobha - Sakshi Post

When a young Shobha Nagi Reddy entered politics, one summer day in nineties, no one would have imagined that the political novice would one day leave such an indelible mark in people's hearts.

On Friday, it became evident that Shobha had joined the ranks of those great leaders, to whom death could do no damage. 

The people of Allagadda paid the most beautiful 'shradhanjli' to their beloved leader, Shobha by voting her back to power by a huge margin. Allagadda experienced a bitter sweet moment, as results started trickling in. Though people were happy to see Shobha win, they couldn't wish away the pain in their hearts of not seeing their leader alive. 

For the first time in Indian election, a deceased leader's was voted back to power with a thumping majority. To Shobha, coming from an illustrious political family, politics was an obvious career path.  Soon, sheer hard work and an indomitable philanthropic spirit saw Shobha emerge as one of the most charismatic, gutsy, and loved leaders.

On April 24, on her way back from campaigning Shobha met with a brutal road accident. The next day she succumbed to her injuries.  Keeping their mother's flame awake in the hearts of people, Shobha's children Bhuma Akhila Priya, Bhuma Mounika, 22, and Bhuma Jagat Vikhyat Reddy, 14 — the children of Shobha campaigned vigorously for their mother.  YSR Congress Party chief YS Jagan Mohan Reddy appealed to the public to remember his elder sister, Shobha while casting their votes.

After her death, EC had issued a clarification saying that Sobha's name will not be deleted from the EVMs.


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