All for a glimpse of Charminar...

All for a glimpse of Charminar... - Sakshi Post

A Class IV student from Kanigiri in Prakasham district ran away from his home to see Charminar. And, he ran away with Rs 65000 cash.

Kottapalli Venkata Karthikeya, who hails from Sivanagar Colony, wanted to see Charminar. He took Rs 65,000 from the locker in his home and boarded a train to Hyderabad. He made enquiries about how to reach Charminar.

He finally got down at Nampally police station on Tuesday morning. The Raiway police found the boy's movements suspicious.
When they enquired him, the boy revealed that he ran away from the home with cash to see charminar. The surprised police later informed this to Kanigiri police. Upon knowing Kathikeya's whereabouts, the parents reached Hyderabad and the police handed over the boy to them.
It is not known whether the boy could see Charminar or not

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