All Eyes On PSV Garuda Vega Satellite Rights

PSVGarudaVega a comeback film for Rajasekhar - Sakshi Post

Dr. Rajasekhar's latest outing PSV Garuda Vega has become the talk of the town. According to sources, the movie was made with a loan of Rs 3 Cr before waiting for a suitable time to release the movie. The makers did wait for an opportune moment to release their movie to ensure there's no competition. The film hit theatres last week and it is doing good business at the box office in not only the two Telugu states, but also abroad. Sources informed that the movie has already entered into the profit zone.

Now ever since the film has been declared a success, there's a new buzz surrounding the movie. People are playing the guessing game over who will purchase the satellite rights of PSV GarudaVega. Will Rajasekhar sell the movie's satellite rights even while the film is still running to packed theatres? If he sells the rights, how much amount would he demand? If everything goes according to the plan, the movie can rake in more moolah in other regions too. The profits from PSV Garuda Vega will certainly remove the financial burden for Rajasekhar and the movie producers.

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