Alarming rise in farmer suicides

Alarming rise in farmer suicides - Sakshi Post

Unable to bear the Unscheduled power cuts, water supply with half current, drying up of crops, farmers are choosing to end their lives. Farmers say they are unable to get back even half the amount invested on crops.

Whatever meager amount they are earning is being reinvested on crops, thus making their life miserable and driving them to suicides.
Unable to find a way to repay their debts, the farmers are stuck in deep shit and have no option but to commit suicide.This is the state in not just one district, but almost every district in the state has plunged into mourning. The soil which is considered a goldmine for farmers is turning into a barren land with crops not yielding desired results.
The state has been witness to a growing number of suicide cases especially in the last three months.
What's more tragic is the fact that the government rather than giving them a helping hand is throwing its hands up with the excuse that they can do nothing if there's no sufficient rainfall in the state.
In every district, it's the same story — power breakdown, farmer debts leading to forceful deaths. The numbers are only increasing by the day.
In the most recent case that happened in Ranga Reddy district, (Peddamool Mandal, Janagam village), a farmer by the name Bheemaiah, who was a victim of circumstances attempted suicide right in front of the bank that had lent him money.
The statistics in other cities too depict a sad picture. In the last three months, Karimnagar reported a total of 21 farmer deaths, in Warangal too about 11 farmers fell prey to the debt crisis and ended their lives.
Venkataiah, a farmer from Jafargad blames the power crisis for farmer suicides. "The power problem has caused the crops to dry up. If this misfortune continues, then suicide is the only way out." he laments.
In Medak, 4 farmers have committed suicide within a matter of just 10 days.This is not just happening in one or two districts, it's a statewide situation. The government's negligence and inability to solve the crisis is clearly evident here.
The ruling Congress is breaking its heads at the Centre, while the ministers play mere puppets to survive in their positions.
This unfortunate situation is because the government has absolutely no empathy towards the farmers' problems. This could get worse if the present government fails to take any immediate steps to stop the farmers suicides.






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