Akhil’s Hello Giving Sleepless Nights To Jharkhand Man

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Akkineni Akhil's second film Hello was a profit venture to filmmakers. Looks like producer by Akkineni Nagarjuna has landed in problems instead of enjoying success. If sources are to be believed, Nagarjuna received a legal notice not for copyright issues but for heroines' phone number.

For the people who haven't watched the film, Kalyani Priyadarshan played a female lead in Hello. In one of the scenes, she scribbles a phone number on paper for Akhil which leads to their meeting and the whole plot revolves around the phone calls. That number has become popular among the audiences and calling to speak to Kalyani. This is now turned into a nuisance for someone who is not connected with films.

Vikas Prajapathi is the owner of the number. Recently, he stated that people are calling to his number without a break and he claims these calls have ruined his personal and professional life. Since he has been holding this number for over five years and all his personal and professionals contacts have only this number he is unable to change it.

It is said that Vikas has sent a legal notice to Nagarjuna to compensate Rs 50 Lakhs for ruining his life. The filmmakers claim to have taken permission from telecom operator, but the operator has denied it and haven't given any official permission for them.

The ball now lies with Nagarjuna and they haven't yet made any official comment on the legal notice.

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