AK 47 used in KBR Park incident went missing last year

AK 47 used in KBR Park incident went missing last year - Sakshi Post

* Weapon reported missing in Narsingi police station

* Belonged to Greyhounds personnel

* Nityananda's assailant used the same weapon

The AK 47 rifle left behind by the assailant who attacked Aurobindo Pharma vice-president Nityanandha Reddy was the same weapon that the police reported as missing last year.

The AK 47 was reported missing last year. A case was registered with Narsingi police in connection with the missing weapon.

The gun belonged to the anti-Naxal Greyhounds police. The gun's number was 486370 and was used by Greyhounds jawan Srinivasa Rao.

However, nothing much is known about the investigations and the action taken on the negligent cop who lost the weapon.

This gun on Wednesday found its way into the hands of the assailant, who fired eight rounds on Aurobindo Pharma honcho. The police are now looking into the gun trail and have intensified investigations into the gun missing case.

This is the second case of an AK 47 going missing in the Telugu states. In the last year's floods, two self-loading rifles and an AK 47 were swept away while the Greyhounds personnel were crossing a swollen rivulet in Khammam's Venkatapuram.

In July 2013, an AK 47 went missing. It was their widely believed that the gun found its way into the hands of renegade ultras, who targeted politicians.


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