After Siddharth, it is Raviteja’s turn

After Siddharth, it is Raviteja’s turn - Sakshi Post

The people of Vijayawada were in for a terrifying spectacle on Sunday evening. Scores of bikes sans silencers and honking horns ploughed through the busy streets of Vijayawada on the wrong side.

Unmindful of the commuters’ woes and regardless of the traffic personnel’s pleading they blared their horns full throttle. The car ahead of the cavalcade had youths standing on the foot rests in utter disregard of traffic laws.

All this hullabaloo was meant to herald the coming of age of a political scion. Vijayawada MLA Bonda Uma’s second son Raviteja’s birthday was celebrated on the streets by his wild acolytes. Uma’s son himself was in the car.

At one place, one cop pleaded with them not to enter a road marked as one-way. But, MLA’s son and his bunch of hooligan supporters had their way.

Interestingly, Bonda Uma’s elder son Siddharth too was involved in a case of rash driving in Guntur. After Siddharth, it is now the turn of Raviteja to rampage through the Vijayawada roads.


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