After MCA, Another Top Actor’s Movie Leaked Online

Nani’s MCA was surfaced online on its first day - Sakshi Post

Nani's MCA, which opened to a fantastic response on Decemeber 22, has surfaced online on the very first day of its release. A guy named Sai Charan posted the full-length movie on Facebook. The makers then approached the cyber crime division against the pirated video, which was then removed from the social media. The movie was again in news yesterday after the producer Dil Raju lodged a complaint against rumours which are doing rounds that MCA movie was leaked before its release.

On the other hand, Sandalwood star Puneeth Raj Kumar's recent flick ‘Ajaniputra’ was also shared online on the day of its release. Shocking the film crew, a fan of Puneeth went live on Facebook with the film. About an hour of the film was streamed live and within no time, the live video got a number of shares. The movie director Harsha approached the police and lodged the complaint against the fan, Nitish.

Meanwhile, Nithish rubbished rumours, and said that it was his friend who went on Facebook live. He also apologised to the movie crew on the issue.

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