Advocate Killed in Eluru

Advocate Killed in Eluru - Sakshi Post

Eluru: Advocate Royal was stabbed to death in a daylight murder in Eluru of West Godavari district on Monday.Four murderers entered his office near Gandhi School in the town at around 12.30pm and closed the shutter before lounging on him stabbing him indiscriminately. The culprits did not do anything to the two persons sitting in the advocate's office. However, they tried and caught hold of one of the miscreants who was later handed over to the police.

Royal died while shifting to hospital. According to eye witness account, the murderers came to the advocate's office with iron rods and knives in their bags. As they did not touch the other persons sitting in the place, it could be a well planned murder. The victim received multiple stab injuries due to which huge blood loss occured and he died before any medical help could be provided.

As the advocate did not have any enemies, it was not known immediately who could be behind the murder. However, he was active in Kapu movement recently and he was lending money on interest in his close circles.

Police are investigating the case. SP Bhaskar Bhushan visited the spot and one of the culprits Praveen is being interrogated.

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