Actress Kasturi At It Again! This Time On Sunny Leone

Sunny Leone and  Kasturi Shankar - Sakshi Post

Actress Kasturi Shankar seems to have developed a habit of raking up controversies. Earlier, she was in the news for speaking about casting couch and the role of senior heroes in the industry. Later, she spoke about Kamal Haasan's political entry. His fans trolled her for the comments and tweets. In the latest of her controversial tweets, Kasturi said: "All the news channels are showing songs and clips of Late Sridevi. Wondering what will happen when Sunny Leone expires someday".

The twitterati lost no time in trolling for her statements. She was quick to clarify that the comments were taken from a Facebook post and that she only forwarded it. However, the social media continued to troll her for commenting on a senior actress like Sridevi. Others wondered if it was an appropriate time to comment on Sridevi when her family and the nation is yet to recover from the shock.

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