Action or no action! Congress in dilemma!!

Action or no action! Congress in dilemma!! - Sakshi Post

The fate of tainted ministers seems to be hanging in the balance as the Congress party high command is still evading a decision.

Chief Minister N Kiran Kumar Reddy, who spent four days in Delhi meeting AICC top brass, made no headway in his mission. One thing is clear now that Kiran was in favour of tainted ministers though AICC president Sonia Gandhi opposed his decision to continue them in the cabinet. 

Reports are clear for now that three ministers have to quit as per the directives of Sonia Gandhi. Dharmana Prasada Rao and Sabita Indra Reddy, whose names have been figured in the CBI chargesheet may likely to quit and they have been given indications to this effect. Another Minister Parthasarathi, who has been involved in money-laundering case which he did not mention in the election affidavit, will also be removed. Taken AICC spokesperson P C Chacko’s comments into consideration, all the tainted ministers will be sent home without a second thought. Chacko said the Congress party will not tolerate corruption. It is evident with the union minister P K Bansal and Aswani Kumar who were shown doors after they faced corruption charges. He had said that taking a cue from the developments at the Centre, AP ministers should too resign their posts. 

Chacko’s comments came in as a shock even for Kiran Kumar Reddy as he returned from Delhi to save the ministers. He met the Advocate General and reportedly discussed on the Parthasarathi issue and also the other ministers. If the sequel of events in Delhi during Kiran’s tour is recalled, it gives an impression that the Congress high command was serious about the tainted ministers. Kiran Reddy had a meeting with Sonia during which he clearly backed tainted ministers, even Sonia Gandhi defied his intentions. She reportedly asked him to discuss the same with Azad. Kiran told his plans to Azad and in turn Azad met Sonia. They discussed keeping the tainted ministers in the cabinet. The argument of Kiran is that Corruption allegations against the two Union ministers and charges against the tainted ministers of the state should not be treated alike. They should not be held responsible for the Cabinet decisions. 

The party high command keeps the decision pending for discussing further. Since Azad is leaving for Geneva and he will return only after May 28, Kiran Reddy met Digvijay Singh, in-charge of political affairs of Rahul Gandhi and submitted a detailed report on the prevailing situation in the State.

Kiran Reddy called Minister Dharmana  Prasada Rao over phone informed him the latest developments in Delhi and party’s stand on the tainted ministers including him. Dharmana, who was in a meeting with party workers when he received the phone call, appeared disturbed after attending the call. The supporters of Dharmana immediately called for a meeting to protest against the decision. When asked by local reporters in Srikakulam Dharmana refused to make a comment  saying that he would speak on party’s internal issues only in Hyderabad. When repeatedly asked for his view on the removal of some ministers, he said: “You (media) can analyse whatever you want.” He left the place with disturbed face. Dharmana rushed to Hyderabad from Srikakulam and had a meeting with Kiran Kumar Reddy. 

Meanwhile, Chacko’s remarks sparked commotion among the ministers, whose names have been figured in the CBI chargesheet. Ministers Geeta Reddy and Pithani Satyanarayana called on Kiran to know the Delhi developments. But Kiran appears to be declined to share things with them. 

Kiran is understood to have proposed before the party leadership that some ministers like D L Ravindra Reddy and C Ramachandraiah have to be shunted out from the cabinet along with a reshuffling of the cabinet. He also gave proposals for change of guard in the State party. Kiran is likely to visit Delhi again after May 26 by the time Azad’s return from Geneva to finalise the things. 




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