Abhishek Bachchan Gives Back In Equal Measure

Abhishek Bachchan has had his share of trolling on the social media. - Sakshi Post

Stars posting their pictures on social media is a latest fad to keep their fans updated on things in general. This will also ensure there's a connect between the fans and their favorite stars. But at times this habit of stars puts them in a spot.

We know that among the Bollywood actors, Abhishek Bachchan has had his share of trolling on the social media. But fans have nothing to worry because the Jr Bachchan gives back in equal measure and we don't even have to remind you of his great sense of humour and witty replies. So was the case recently too.

We already told you that Aishwarya was recently in Mangalore to attend her cousin's wedding where she bonded with her bunt community. A photo of her and Aradhya at the wedding went viral and was most talked about in social media circles. But much to the distress of her fans, a user wrote on Twitter that Aaradhya was often seen in the company of Ash at every possible function and wondered if she ever attended school. This obviously upset her fans. But taking it all in his stride, here's what Abhishek had to say to the woman.

Have a look at the tweets...

Junior Bcahchan on wednesday was trolled for a picture of Aishwarya and Aaradhya which was taken from a wedding. The mother and daughter went to Mangalore to attend a function. A woman who goes by name Sherien Patadien and her Twitter handle reads @shirjahan. She questioned Abhishek on frequent appearance of her daughter with mom giving her school amiss.

"@juniorbachchan is ur child not going to school? I do wonder What school gives permission to take a out a kid when u like to go a a trip with mom. Or are u guys going for beauty without brains.

Always hand in hand with a arrogant mom. Not having a normal childhood," the woman's tweet read.

The actor rather raking up an issue gave a subtle reply and many dubbed it as class. "Ma’am, as far as I know… Most schools are shut for the week-end. She goes to school on the weekdays. Maybe you should try it considering you spelling in your tweet," he tweeted.

The woman unsatisfied by his reply again asked him to share “normal pictures” of Aaradhya. However, the actor ended in his own quirky style tweeting, “We are all reduced to just a tweet.”

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